Five Focused Sales Tactics for Selling to the US Government - A Proven Best Practice Approach. - Peter Jonathan Wilcheck
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//Five Focused Sales Tactics for Selling to the US Government – A Proven Best Practice Approach.

Five Focused Sales Tactics for Selling to the US Government – A Proven Best Practice Approach.

Federal agencies have needs for goods and services which to a large extent are met by the private sector. The contracts are out there. But how to get them?

Department Contract Management Agency – Just one of many Government agencies that you can obtain a bidding agreement with.

Here are a few strategies to improve your chances. Be patient. If the mills of God grind slow, according to Longfellow, then the United States Government more so. You will encounter many hurdles along the way, but they can all be cleared with patience.

First, you will have to register with the System for Award Management (SAM). Their Guide to Codes will help you negotiate the specific contracting practices of each federal agency.

Second, do your homework. Check out the
FedBizOpps (FBO) website. Here you will find out how to register as a buyer or a vendor, how to receive a user’s manual for negotiation the General Services Administration procurement process, and how to receive an invitation permitting you to make an offer on a contract.

Third, the process of receiving a GSA number can take many months, so again, be patient. The FBO site will also tell you which jobs/projects require GSA numbers. You can start selling to the Government without a GSA number through bids and by working with Gov/Ed resellers. is an online app produced by a GSA assistance company that helps you find Government bids to participate in even before you’ve acquired a GSA number.

Fourth, many jobs can be bid on without them. Pay attention to detail. Become familiar with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) at There you’ll find downloadable versions of the regulations involving procurement as well as search tools and FAQs. Keep in mind, regulations are passed by Congress and thus change on a regular basis.

The FAR website will help you stay up-to-date. Work smarter, not harder. Use all of the tools at your command to market to specific agencies and network via public events sponsored by agencies, industry trade shows, and through personal contacts whenever possible.

Fifth, establish direct contact with the purchasing decision maker. Prepare your inquiry and pitch with objective and goal. Start by contacting a variety of departments and asking who is in charge of procurement.

Following these practices will help you navigate the maze of governmental red tape and help you close the deal with Uncle Sam.

Posted by:
Peter Jonathan Wilcheck Bcomm, CAPM, SFITC
Commercial, Enterprise and Government Blog Contributor


New York State Procurement

NYS Procurement (NYSPro), part of the Office of General Services, is New York’s central procurement office, responsible for establishing and managing contracts for goods and services needed by government entities across the State, including state agencies, local governments, public authorities, and schools. New York State is comparable to a Fortune 500 business and has remarkable purchasing power. NYSPro works to harness this power and employ innovative, strategic contracting methods that provide our customers with timely, cost effective, and efficient purchasing solutions.

NYSPro seeks to achieve world class standards in procurement services and is guided by the following principles: Service, Accountability, Value, and Efficiency. We are committed to collaboration and transparency in our work. Our objective is to provide efficient, user-friendly procurement vehicles that save money and meet the needs of our customers.

Florida Department of Management Services Purchasing Division

Florida’s purchasing power allows the Division of State Purchasing to deliver the best value in goods and services for state agencies and local governments. The division strives to develop and implement sound procurement practices throughout the state and is dedicated to building strong relationships with all state agencies, local governments, and vendors. The division promotes fair and open competition in the state’s procurement process and provides professional leadership and guidance in understanding and using the best resources available. State term contracts and agreements awarded by the Division of State Purchasing account for more than $1 billion in purchases annually.

MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) is the State of Florida’s award winning eProcurement system. In operation for more than ten years, the system is a source for centralized procurement activities, streamlining interactions between vendors and state government entities, and providing tools to support innovative procurement for the State of Florida. If you are interested in doing business with the state, please visit our vendor resourcespage.

The Division of State Purchasing’s Professional Development program is designed to support the State of Florida’s goal to achieve the best value for the state using the most effective, efficient, and economical practices in the industry. The program offers public purchasing training and certification for procurement professionals from state agencies and other eligible users.

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