August 2017 - Peter Jonathan Wilcheck
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// August 2017

5 Key Reasons Why and How a CRM Can Help Your Business Grow

New clients are the lifeblood of your business. Having the right customer relationship manager (CRM) can propel your profits into the stratosphere. If you don’t currently have a CRM, or if you are not entirely using your CRM, you are missing out on chances to not only close more deals, but also to fully understand..

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Interactive CFO Round table with Oracle Executive Vice Chairman – Mr. Jeff Henley

Hosting an interactive CFO Roundtable with Executive Vice Chairman – Mr. Jeff Henley and Linda Taylor next week with key CFOs in Florida. This will be an exciting hour where Chief Financial Officers can ask Jeff questions regarding his experience and involvement in transitioning to the cloud. Interactive conversations – A Power Hour! Wednesday, August..

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