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//Autonomous Database – How can it help your business?

Autonomous Database – How can it help your business?

Autonomous Database’ for business is a new software technology that has recently been introduced by Oracle Corp. This database software is currently at the center of many e-commerce companies and it is used by different information technology corporations around the globe. The technologically advanced autonomous database is designed to fully automate a lot of fundamental business processes and it supports a wide range of analytic applications, transaction processing, and business intelligence.

Oracle is the leading database vendor online today by far, especially in terms of revenue, and third-party independent research rating houses. Oracle leads because of their advanced software that is of the very highest quality, efficiency, and accuracy. Businesses are quickly realizing the value of implementing Oracle Database into their organizational IT structure. The beneficial features that are now available to enterprises of any kind are plenty, but one of the most important aspects is that the software can provide the organization’s IT administrators with some much-needed extra time to concentrate on other tasks within the company that may need strategic work completed.

The autonomous database is a cloud-based technology that is designed to fully automate many different and important business concepts. The database software is very highly rated in the business world, it was introduced on the web back in 2017. The new, more advanced and intelligent software currently combines Oracle Database with a set of smart automated administration services that all use machine learning algorithms to keep up to date with all data and other information that is needed for the smooth running of the business enterprise. The cloud service is self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing. Oracle Corporation has made migration from on-premises data storage to Oracle’s ‘Autonomous Data Cloud’ both fast and simple for the user. Because of the database’s machine learning functions, it can easily assimilate all the information it needs to initiate all data collection, learning and processing itself, leaving administrators to focus on other factors.

The software has the ability to provision all database on its own, it can seek and find, whilst allocating and fully configuring all necessary software and hardware issues for the user as it does so. For e-commerce enterprises, this new bit of technologically advanced and extremely intelligent kit is the way forward into the future for business on the internet. The autonomous database does not even require manual tuning for optimized performance by the IT department, because the artificial intelligence can easily tune and create the perfect optimization on its own accord. It has the capability for automatic creativity by creating database indexes which efficiently help improve the application’s performance. It is now possible for the autonomous database to apply the businesses database updates and implement important security patching while instantaneously backing up all the databases and applying encryption data codes to ensure all the organization’s business information and/or customer details are fully protected at the source and against any unofficial or unauthorized access.

Autonomous Database Guarantees 99.995% Scalable Uptime

The patching process is created and completed by itself on the database system, which is done on a regular basis to assure everything is up to date and working properly and efficiently. The user can now override any set schedules as a new feature to reschedule the automatic patches if required by the enterprise. Oracle’s autonomous database can set and implement security updates as and when needed. This new beneficial concept can and will defend against sensitive data breaches by using an advanced data masking and concealing feature. Autonomous database for business can now scale up when needed whilst also monitoring capacity limitations and certain bottlenecks in key components. This feature is perfect for avoiding performance problems and other important factors. The updates available at any given time are automatically applied in a rolling fashion and across the system’s clustered compute nodes, this enables all applications to continue running during the update process. The autonomous database can help the business by automatically rebooting and repairing itself in an event of catastrophic system failure. Oracle Database actually guarantees 99.995% scalable uptime on their Autonomous Database Cloud Service.

Autonomous database is effective for businesses as this software technology can gather statistics used amongst all systems in the enterprise and upload it as a new data source which regularly runs testing initiatives to assure that all data is loaded and upgraded and kept safe from cyber attacks. The AI involved with the database can scan all areas for any issues that need attention, and then apply a quick-fix across all layers of the technology stack. It does that by using its efficient, top of the range diagnostic tools that are capable of examining and repairing all the data that has been collected. If any error does need immediate attention the autonomous database can easily collect the data with the issue and analyze all of its data logs to establish the right timeline to fix the problem. It is now possible for this database technology by Oracle to efficiently overcome any data errors involved and/or those errors that are made by human error.

Increased & Improved Support for Business Intelligence & Analytics

The list of beneficial features to a business from implementing autonomous database is substantial. Any e-commerce enterprise that adopts this artificial intelligence now on in the near future will certainly experience more efficiency and growth in the IT and Administration Departments of the business. Tedious and mundane tasks that can interrupt workflow and seriously slow productivity within the organization as a whole can now be a distant memory. With quality automation and database information at the businesses fingertips, the future will certainly be bright as IT/Admin users get to grips with the extra time on their hands to work on important projects and developmental processes.

Autonomous database in business reduces the constant need for labor from team members working on ways to minimize data losses or any other unplanned and unproductive issues regarding the data collection system. Downtime can be cut back and at a substantial rate by the embedding of autonomous databases. And with Oracle Autonomous Database it runs on the corporations Exadata hardware platform which can be used in the cloud. There are multiple product and services available to businesses that all support Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Cloud technology is the future of the webs data collection and storage facilities. Autonomous Database’s Elasticity Scales Compute or Storage with No Downtime.

The AI software combines the power of machine learning with database optimization to self-drive the entire process of data management. Oracle has consistently eliminated complexity with this new technology and the ease of use and superiority cannot be under-estimated. It is the world’s first autonomous database with outstanding and futuristic capabilities. It ensures reliability, operational efficiency, extra security, and has superb database management technique. All at an extremely reasonable price that businesses can afford. The advantages of automated and autonomous database implementation will improve and increase performance across the business’s organizational structure with the automation of patching, tuning and a constant feed of upgrades.

The old database cloud technology is all patched, tuned, optimized and managed manually. Human error can play a major part in the database process which can expose the business to many different vulnerabilities and sometimes very costly maintenance and data security incidents. But now with Oracle’s technologically advanced, machine learning, autonomous database cloud service it has revolutionized the digital era with the best software available on the market that delivers much more than a simple database facility. Its capability and elasticity scales compute or storage with no downtime needed.

The integrated machine learning algorithms that are involved in autonomous database drives adaptive indexing, advanced compression, automatic caching, and optimized data-loading. With that much capability it is a must for e-commerce businesses because it delivers so many unrivalled performance features. Faster analytics, faster data collection, faster tuning, faster optimization, faster updates/upgrades, faster data management = very fast, capable and competitive business. Databases are vital for established businesses in every field of expertise. The data collection and micromanagement process is very important as it provides the business with the information that helps to inform every action and transaction. No longer will the on-premises databases be able to compete, and by no means will they quickly become obsolete, but the new autonomous databases are in a different league.

Large organization must quickly become aware of the beneficial features from automation implementation in the company structure and they must not only consider but make urgent steps to introduce it to their business model. If companies wish to maximize the true value of their collected data, they must realize that databases that are run and micromanaged in the cloud can really help their business to progress as they are more proficient and extremely efficient. The on-premises counterparts will be a part of the past as autonomous databases with their advanced capabilities will take over, and the sooner this happens the better. Because the improved business agility of automation implementation is great for enterprise innovation.

Self-Driving — Self-Securing — Self Repairing — Self-Patching

The autonomous database can easily configure itself and at the same time it increases capacity when appropriate. The recognition feature of determining demand helps the database to scale up automatically when it is needed. This will help the business to be more agile and responsive with their data processing. Optimization is easily reached as the database is always searching and monitoring the current statistical patterns associated with all the data involved whilst applying workload techniques to help structure it so the business can get the best results from the data collection process. Autonomous databases have become the foundation of big business and increased productivity.

The day-to-day processes of business are simplified with this new database technology. The AI and machine learning implementation are considered as pervasive technologies that are substantially effective and are being used by the medium-sized businesses to the large, global corporations to increase workforce productivity and reduce operational costs. And with the recently added ability of ‘Transactional Processing’, Oracle’s new, cutting-edge autonomous database has assured that it resides at the top of the business data technology tree. It is officially a generational release as it is the world’s first known automated database that can create micromanagement data collection and processing, it can also build on its own initiative whilst updating and upgrading to new technology without any human interference.

The database is integrated with AI and machine learning that self-drives, self-patches and self-tunes itself by using first-class self-management infrastructure strategies. This will help to create less downtime, more uptime and will completely eradicate enterprise losses through labor expenditure. Autonomous database can help your business as it will modernize all organizational data processes and upgrade the IT department’s infrastructural systems. With this kind of technologically advanced, systematic optimization working for the company, it is basically a competitive differentiator as it will put you ahead of the competition and ensure the continued success of the business as it moves forward into the future. Investing in innovation, such as implementing an autonomous database will guarantee that all data processes including queries, data marts, and even transactions are always optimized. It will help the business to easily run batch programs like transaction complexities, mixed workloads, reporting, and the ‘Internet of Things’. Oracle’s Autonomous Database can efficiently control data warehousing, data processing, and data optimizing for business workloads.

Self-securing — the database is now much more secure than any manual database operation. It can now automatically apply protection to itself and combat vulnerability issues concerning internal and external cyber attacks. The database has continuous threat detection methods, and it automatically applies essential security updates with an always-on and end-to-end encryption.

Self-repairing — the database mow provides preventative protection against any planned or unplanned downtime, with automated and rapid recovery from outages without any downtime needed. The autonomous database also has a key differentiation in the application of Autonomous Health Framework. This enables availability and perfect performance management by using AI autonomous technology and integrating multiple aspects of diagnostic attributes enabling analysis, optimization, personalization, and action during run-time, minimizing or even eliminating possible operational corruption and/or disruption.

Self-Managing — an autonomous database automates the database and infrastructure provisioning, monitoring, managing, backup, recovery and fine-tuning implementation.

It is now a multi-model database management system with the extraordinary capability of running data systems including online transaction processing, data warehousing and mixed database workloads. This latest and unique technology is available via Oracle Database 18c, on-prem, or on-cloud, and via a hybrid-cloud version environment. It currently offers the widest possible range of options and features which apply focus on enhancing while automatically complementing the existing database functionality used in the business to help meet customer-specific requirements are to assure all functions are evaluated and efficiently reached. Including:



Development and integration





Oracle’s new autonomous database also includes different management packs that are integrated sets of enterprise management tools that help to maintain the various and vital aspects of database optimization and micromanagement. These beneficial business features include:

Data masking and sub setting Pack

Data life-cycle management pack

Diagnostic pack

Tuning pack

Cloud management pack

Automatic storage management

Data aggregation and complete consolidation

Generic connectivity


Data guard for high availability

Data resource manager

Fine-grained auditing feature

Expression filtering

Flashback availability regarding selective data recovery and/or reconstruction

Fast-start parallel rollback options

ISQL Plus — graphical user interface feature used for manipulating data

Recovery management

SQL Plus

Oracle-managed files

Universal connection pool

Oracle text

Oracle application express

Virtual private database

Workspace management tools

And an extensive list of various Oracle Data Access Components

The autonomous database by Oracle provides a very large list of beneficial features to the business with supported data models that can easily be used and managed effectively inside the self-driving, default schemas of the cloud database system. This exceptionally advance database technology is empowering business with the intelligence and the analytic tools to overcome any challenge that may arise within the enterprise. Any business will agree that the biggest challenge with data collection and management is the manual labor that is necessary to help provision, maintain and effectively micromanage a database system. However, these challenges must be confronted and crucially overcome to ensure the business can successfully manage all of its important data to get the best possible results and deliver it to the end users.

Increased productivity by fast access to a sophisticated set of business analytics via a self-driven data extraction and decision-making database is critical for business growth by data insight. With Oracle Autonomous Database it will optimize and tune the organizational infrastructure to meet large workloads and introduce expert techniques and systematic strategies that will assure performance by offering three main ingredients that are fundamental to database technology:

EASY — a fully managed cloud database service that ensures simplicity to provision a data warehouse. Easy to load data and query the loaded data using the autonomous tools like notebooks, etc.

FAST — delivers fast performance data aspects, including collection, optimization and management. Fast and reliable scalability. Fast data processing and compression capabilities. Fast automation related to database tuning.

ELASTIC — elasticity of scale as and when required. The capability of insight creation and expansion of all data collected. Compute and storage capacity is on demand, and with such elasticity capability, the data is independent with no downtime needed.

The data management automation of autonomous database for business is driven by AI and machine learning to help reduce the costs associated with data processing and to help the organization accelerate innovation. It will eliminate the possibility of manual management errors occurring whilst the secure and highly artificially intelligent databases in the cloud provide added value from the data collected by the business and help it to deviate from critical crisis’s that can often happen with the constant need of mundane man management tasks and/or human error from the IT department.

The AI and machine learning technology of autonomous database is exclusively available from Oracle Corporation. It is currently being offered to customers in two unique versions that are optimized to reach the specialized requirements needed for the proper process of Data Warehousing and Online Transaction Processing. Both concepts us AI automation and machine learning to help eliminate the complexity of the database, and to combat actions by cyber criminals or basic human processing error and manual management mistakes.

For that reason, the autonomous database for business is highly reliable, security-driven and operationally efficient in all aspects of the service the facility provides. The autonomous transaction processing side of the service enables the user to find easier ways to apply application development and deployment that will assure the database is collecting and optimizing real-time analytics for the organization whilst personalizing it and protecting all data from any possible fraud issues by using its military grade security detection feature. Deployment of all the autonomous database’s principle features are super-fast, creating a highly elastic data micromanagement system in seconds with unprecedented performance.

The self-driving, self-repairing, self-securing attributes of an autonomous database implementation can help an enterprise to attain zero data loss, complete optimization with personalization and ultimate protection against any internal or external malicious software threats. The database infrastructure delivers elastic scalability for perfect processing agility and data growth. ‘Mission critical’ workloads can now be a concept of the past as an autonomous database is capable to now run in public clouds rather than just data centers. Automation of database resource deployment, micro monitoring and managing data is a new capability for database services and Oracle are the leaders in this fascinating and fantastic advanced technology that enables the businesses to experience cost savings in the IT departments. Autonomous database is also offering complete infrastructure automation, complete database automation, and automated data center operations with machine learning.

The journey of self-driving, self-repairing, and self-securing autonomous database’s began more than 20 years ago when Oracle Corp introduced its first database. Since then, database capability has certainly evolved with more sophisticated and automated features. Oracle’s leadership in database technology is sure to continue.

Peter Jonathan Wilcheck — November 2018

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