May 2022 - Peter Jonathan Wilcheck
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// May 2022

Automation for the Armed Forces — Why is it Needed More Than Ever?

Manual operations in the combat and managing affairs of warfare operations have become outdated with the emergence of cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, robotics, IoT, and other cyber advancements. War is more complex today than ever, leading to a pressing need for a high level of automation for the armed forces that can thwart any..

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Automation in Cybersecurity

The ever-increasing sophistication of cyberattacks has proven that manual efforts to prevent cyberattacks are insufficient. Cloud or Security Automation can play a crucial role in elevating an organization’s cybersecurity posture. By early automated detections of threats and vulnerabilities, organizations can minimize errors, save huge labor and repercussion costs, and share valuable resources to devote to..

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